Nature Walks

Go on a guided nature walk through the woods with our experienced guide and learn about the lesser known facts about Gir Forest. Experience the untamed wild and on your walk don’t forget to look up and spot the colorful bird-life on our tree tops; and if you’re lucky, spot Lion too in their natural habitat. Listen to jungle lore under a canopy of multi-hued green, and come back with a greater knowledge of the forest and a higher sensitivity to the eco-system.

Bird watching

For wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and early risers, starting off with birding can be a spirited curtain raiser to a great day. Quiet by the River is a birder’s paradise with many species of birds inhabiting Gir Forest.

Dhammal Dance – Tradition Siddi Community Folk Dance

Traditional Siddi - folk songs are sung at the time of ‘Dhammal’ dance (traditional folk dance) which is extremely popular in Saurashtra.

Gir Jungle Safari

Located in the Saurashtra peninsula of the Gujarat state, Gir forest (Gir National Park & Sanctuary) since time immemorial has been synonymous with the majestic Asiatic lions. It bestows a rich diversity of flora, fauna and landscapes in the Indian sub-continent. The Gir forest ecosystem takes legitimate pride in saving rare and endangered majestic Asiatic lions from the threshold of extinction at the beginning of the 19th century. A diverse assemblage of more than 600 species of wild flora and wild fauna, including 41 mammal species, 47 reptile species and over 300 resident and migratory bird species gives serene and fascinating experiences to the visitors in the vast swaths of forest. The presence of rolling hills and rivers originating from it makes it look more enigmatic. One can witness the tints and hues of Gir forest in different seasons, which gives an altogether different experience. It has had the glory of being one of the best wildlife areas in India. Moreover, Gir is the origin point of cultural and religious evolution in Gujarat's Kathiawar region.

The gypsy safaris in Gir forest offer an unforgettable experience to visitors to witness the pristine wilderness. The safari gypsies' roams on the thoughtfully laid down wilderness tracks that give a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna of Gir forest. It offers a range of scheduled departures that are led by a trained eco-guide. The eco-guides will make your wilderness safari seamless and interpretive. Only a maximum of six visitors (plus one child between 3-12 years) are allowed in each gypsy.

Devalia Safari Park

Nestled in the Gir forest, the Gir Interpretation Zone, Devalia (popularly known as Devalia Safari Park) is a mini version of Gir. The 412-hectare safari park has almost all representative wildlife and forests of Gir. The foresight behind the safari park's conception was to create awareness about the Gir ecosystem's conservation values and to provide a unique and unforgettable experience to the visitors. Within a short period of time, one can expect to sight Asiatic lions (only found freely venturing in the Gujarat state) and other wildlife in their almost natural habitat. An open moat showcases the beauty of the Indian leopard in an enchanting near-natural world. One can also experience and appreciate the beauty of other wildlife such as spotted deer, sambar, blue bulls, blackbuck, wild boars, Indian golden jackal, endangered and critically endangered vulture species, jungle cat and myriad species of birds. The safari park is best observed in three different seasons (monsoon, winter, summer) in a year that gives an altogether different experience of tints and hues of Gir forest.

The park has three safari routes to observe the wildlife and wilderness. Forest departments' specifically designed mini safari buses operate from Devalia Safari Park's reception area. These safaris ensure an excellent sighting and unique wilderness experience. To have a personalized safari experience, one can also take a safari gypsy with a trained eco-guide from Sinh Sadan Campus. Only a maximum of six visitors (plus one child between 3-12 years) are allowed in each gypsy.