Finest and Luxurious Resort in The Gir Foresr

Gir Vanvaso Resort is an ultimate resort for nature lovers or one who desires to experience the way of life as people can live in Gir Forest. It is such a paradise for wildlife enthusiastic. The resort is built in such a way that one can have Gir Forest experience but with full comfort and modern luxury at the bank of Hiran river. So, don’t sacrifice your comforts, you can enjoy it along with experiencing beauty of nature. After Seeing the resort, you will realize how carefully, it is built. Gir Vanvaso Resort furnishes excellent service to visitors. The well qualified staff takes care of cleanliness and maintenance of the resort and that is why, customers love this resort so much. Serving efficiently, the resort’s staff furnishes warm hospitality and homely atmosphere to guests. The resort architecture is quite impressive that provides synergy between modern accommodation and nature. This combination enhances the charm of the resort. Staying up such charming place is a plus for tourists who are at the hunt of the most mesmerizing trip to Gir Forest.

The infrastructure of the resort is perfectly planned as per Vastu Shastra. For people who are curious about various colors of nature, this resort is brilliant indeed. It can be accessed from the main road. Being in Gir Forest and bank of the Hiran river, the resort provides ultimate freedom to experience Forest life and intense elements of Gir national park. People who come with families or children, Gir Vanvaso Resort will prove as a convenient option to get accommodation.

One of Gir Forest best kept secrets