" Experience the river, discover the forest. "

Gir Vanvaso Resort is an ultimate resort for nature lovers or one who desires to experience the way of life as people can live in Gir Forest. It is such a paradise for wildlife enthusiastic. The resort is built in such a way that one can have Gir Forest experience but with full comfort and modern luxury at the bank of Hiran river. So, don’t sacrifice your comforts, you can enjoy it along with experiencing beauty of nature. After Seeing the resort, you will realize how carefully, it is built. Gir Vanvaso Resort furnishes excellent service to visitors. The well qualified staff takes care of cleanliness and maintenance of the resort and that is why, customers love this resort so much. Serving efficiently, the resort’s staff furnishes warm hospitality and homely atmosphere to guests.

Experiencing Gir Vanvaso

Unplug and unwind


Keep your devices aside, reacquaint yourself with books and discover the lost joy of uninterrupted conversation. Instead of hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock, wake up to the sound of natural alarms like the chirping of birds and the sound of the flowing river. Let go of the noise in your head and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

One with the Jeep Safari


The gypsy safaris in Gir forest offer an unforgettable experience to visitors to witness the pristine wilderness. The safari gypsies' roams on the thoughtfully laid down wilderness tracks that give a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna of Gir forest. It offers a range of scheduled departures that are led by a trained eco-guide. The eco-guides will make your wilderness safari seamless and interpretive.

Birdwatcher’s paradise


The Gir forest is home to over 250 species of birds, putting it on the must-visit list of avid birdwatchers. The forest is an extension of the Thattekad bird sanctuary, the richest bird habitat in India.